(Supposedly) one of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever made! I wouldn't know - none were left for me to try =)) but all the ingredients were amazing, that much I can say =)

So, for the recipe: I used a basic recipe for fruity muffins I have, just left out 200g of blueberries that usually go into the batter.

How I made the peanut butter and jelly cupcakes? Simple. I made basic muffins and once they were cool (they're almost always cool. Cool cool cool =), made a hole in the top. I filled the hole with homemade sour cherry marmalade (you can use whatever jam or marmalade is your favourite) and then added the peanut butter frosting (recipe follows a little down the page). 


Basic muffins

250g flour
1 pack of baking powder
1 egg
150g sugar (I always take half white and half brown sugar)
8 tablespoons of sunflower oil
150 ml milk
1 pack of vanilla sugar

1.  Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. 
2.  Mix the flour with the baking powder (I usually sift the baking powder because it tends to stick together).
3.  In a bowl mix the egg until fluffy. Add sugar, vanilla sugar, oil and milk. 
4.  Add the flour and baking powder mix to the egg mix and mix until smooth. (This is where I usually add the fruit e.g. blueberries).
5.  Line a muffin pan with papers. Fill them with the batter (3/4 full if you want to add some frosting). Bake for approx. 12-15 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean.


Peanut butter frosting

Peanut butter
Icing sugar (which is powdered sugar)

1.  In a bowl mix butter until very fluffy. 
2.  Add icing sugar - as much as you want the frosting to be sweet (I don't like the peanut butter frosting to be too sweet, so I used only a few tablespoons). 
3.  I used about the same amount of peanut butter and butter (both probably about half a cup each). I improvised =) So if you feel the frosting is too runny, add sugar and/or butter.

Hope I inspired someone to bake them - don't be a fool! You know you want them =)
... or birth of Buddha, or a normal sunday... whatever you're celebrating, I'm celebrating with you =)

we have that one tradition in our family - to all get a little crazy when colouring easter eggs =) well, no matter the result, the time we spend together is usually abnormally fun =)
a thematic touch - the EggPK =) [yeah, we're "thrilled" to have the european cultural capital =) ]
and a few of our other folies... i present: the skelletegg, a charlie brown easter, love attached and ququ kitty =)
love from here!
yup, got the madness again. no sushi place around, leaves one thing: DIY [or rather SIY - Sew It Yourself =)]...
sushi in place
sushi in place!
SIY - sew it yourself
SIY - Sew it Yourself
we don't celebrate easter.... we just celebrate that we can do lots of weird stuff with eggs =) this year a little felting was combined with the eggsperiments =)
a viking with felted horns... doesn't say much.
eggy bomb
you tha bomb! =)
last years crocheted egg cozies got into the game again
last year's egg cozies are being used again =)
who can guess what's on my mind? =)
there, Apple. now where's my iPhone 4? =D
as promised I'll post some of my older stuff...

a scarf made for a friend that we always used to joke around how all we have to do now is wait for a millionaire =)
scarf 'I just want a millionaire to love me <3'
[destined to be my fashion brand =)] mine <3 - other end of the scarf
... have you by any chance seen these most feminine mustaches of mine? =)

yeah, I'm making them... why? because I have customers for them =) [yeah, I know? =)] ... and it makes sh*tloads of fun doing them =)

plus: helped my dear friend Barbara J. to build her own pretty little poetry blog! check it out! [it's in slovene... but this blog is worth learning this weird language! =)]

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