... have you by any chance seen these most feminine mustaches of mine? =)

yeah, I'm making them... why? because I have customers for them =) [yeah, I know? =)] ... and it makes sh*tloads of fun doing them =)

plus: helped my dear friend Barbara J. to build her own pretty little poetry blog! check it out! [it's in slovene... but this blog is worth learning this weird language! =)]
jup, indeed.

and because one of my all-time favourite artists, Sirin Thada, put it so much better and simpler, I'll let her pic talk in my place =)

happy holidays, guys and may the farce be with you ***
┬ęSirin Thada
happy holidays =)
p.s.: sure thing, Sirin, spreading the word & sharing the love any way I can =) thanks for your post*
complete awesomeness arrived by mail [yeah, still no teleporting here?]: ok, i got the recent issue of Adbusters mag too, but! BUUUUT! [what, what? =) ] The Fm4 Stehkalender came - they sent me two pieces with the prettiest thing on the front page - my cap! =)

feast your eyes, little bunnies! =) and it has my name on it - literally! <3 it!
fm4 Stehkalender
fm4 stehkalender with my cappy
you can buy your copy here - plus: all profits go to the Licht ins Dunkel

the eagle - well, the whale - has landed! the official e-mail address is now !

*hah, the Oatmeal was right =)
well yeah, we made it! =)
front page, baby - my cap is on the FM4 Stehkalender this year! Well... there's a bit of my wall... and a tini-tiny thingy of me there too, to be frank [but I'm not Frank, so...]. 

FM4 - I really do <3 you... + the profits are benefiting the Licht ins Dunkel project
my cap // the FM4 Stehkalender
yay with me! =)
Yes! It's official! I have a page =)

Aaaannd.. I even have a blog. Yeah, I know, everyone can have a blog - but you know what? I will! =)

Because I've been lazy enough to not get a blog till now, I'm going to post some of the stuff I did in the past and of course, all of my present work. And little thingies that make my life prettier. And stuff that will/should/definitely is exciting me. [That shouldn't be a problem to find =) ]

Be very curious, be here and don't let me frighten you too much =)

P.s. yes, I know I have everything bilingual - slovene & english - but the posts here are probably only going to be in english, because I'm lazy. Sorry =S

Any questions, feel free to ask! // [in da se bo še razumelo vsaj malo v domači regiji] Kakršnakoli vprašanja, kar na plan z njimi!
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