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A company I worked for had a hardware project that needed a little facelift.

The product was a high-end system on module (basically a tiny, highly efficient computer) that would enable people to build their own IoT projects.

I started with the idea of the logo being very straight-forward, clean, technical lines. But it shouldn't be boring. It should encourage people to play with the product's capabilities.

As the company and its products at core are the enabler, the playground

for our customers’ creative ideas, the brand can reflect that and at the same time be contemporary and clean.

The keywords here were: digital, technology, playful, clean

I created this:

It's clean, sophisticated, minimalistic and modern.

But at the same time - I've hidden product-specific meanings into it:

And it works amazingly well in it's variations, as well:

To add to the playfulness I've chosen vivid, action-packed colours and elements that bring a sense of creativity, represent all the different things you can do with sudo products and are a nod to the current logo (keeping the heritage) and circuit signs (circles, triangles and wavy lines). The style still remains simplistic and geometric, but still keeps the idea of being "your creative playground" (a slogan which was coined by me as well).

The whole system of the logo and elements play together in perfect sync and are versatile and very usable:

Sadly, it wasn't used as the new identity (and I think they still use the old one). But I'm still glad I got to do it - it was quite fun to explore a more hardware side and get out the heart of it, then transforming it into something quirky.


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