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Logos galore!

In my 13+ years as a designer I've created my share of identities and logos - actually, it's one of my favourite things to design.

Why? Because it's not only about the pretty looks or the latest trends. I always want to create:

  • an appropriate logo

  • has a meaning for the client

  • it needs to be recognizable

  • reflects the client's area of expertise

  • basically, it needs to make sense 🙂

And they need to be useful when applied and - of course - pleasing to the eye.

A bunch of them I did at my time at Tovarna idej, some of them I did by myself. But here's the gist of it:


A delicious-smelling bakery needed a rebrand and I've created a concept to reflect the tradition as well as a modern take on it - sadly it's never been used.


There was an idea to make a chatbot app for customized news. So we created Herald - the persona behind it. A combo of a chatty hip guy and a speech bubble 😊 But as a few of the designs, it's never seen the light of day - at least not in this design.


We created an identity for The Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia (in slovene Mreža za družbeno odgovornost Slovenije) that would represent growth and accountability - in a kind of cell that connects all the parts of a metaphorical Slovenia. It ended up being used (and is still used, I believe) in a bunch of documents and I'm still proud of that.

Mateja Naberšnik

A dear friend of mine is an awesome makeup artist and was in need of a logo that would represent her mastery. A little personal, a bunch professional we went with a script typography and clean lines around it - on the surface it represents a makeup box about to be opened (that little notch just wants to be interacted with)

Student council of the University of Primorska

A little mark we did for the Student council of the University of Primorska (Študentski svet Univerze na Primorskem) - a shield that protects students from various sides. The blue tones also associated with the coastal part of Slovenia.


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